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PACE Circuit Exercise System

What is PACE?
PACE is a fun, non-threatening group exercise program that quickly and safely changes your body shape. PACE utilizes hydraulic resistance machines that match the effort of the user at any fitness level (we call it accommodating resistance). PACE is fun, fast and it produces results quickly.
I’ve never worked out before. Can I do PACE?
Yes! Anyone at any fitness level can do PACE. PACE is safe because it automatically adapts the resistance to match your level of effort. As you begin to fatigue, the resistance decreases automatically.
Will I get sore muscles from PACE?
No. Because PACE machines use hydraulic resistance, there is no “negative” (lowering the weight) resistance which causes muscle soreness. You will feel a very satisfied “fatigue” after a workout, but no soreness the next day.
Will I get big muscles from PACE?
No, for very much the same reason that you will not be sore; there is no negative or eccentric resistance with PACE which is necessary for bodybuilding and developing bigger muscles. What you will notice are stronger, leaner, more toned muscles. The nice benefit of stronger muscles is an increase in your resting metabolism, which means you will be burning more calories during everyday activities.
If I do PACE, do I still need to do other aerobic workouts?
Not unless you want to. PACE far exceeds the minimum requirements to improve aerobic function as established by the American College of Sports Medicine. Your resting heart rate will decrease dramatically as a result of regular PACE workouts.
I’ve been taught to lift and lower weights slowly. PACE seems to be the exact opposite?
Exactly. Remember, PACE is not a weight. Speed is the key to PACE – the ability to move the resistance as fast as your fitness level allows is what sets PACE apart from any other circuit program.